We are pleased to announce that Federica Marra, our Food Waste Liaison, is one of the contributors to the recently launched online journal Innovative Research in Japanese Studies (IRJS). IRJS aims to be a platform for graduate students, enrolled in PhD and Master programmes. Marra’s article, ‘Fighting Food Loss and Food Waste in Japan’ is based on her MA thesis, which she wrote at Leiden University under the guidance of Prof. Cwiertka. Please click the link to find the full article in PDF.

Abstract of ‘Fighting Food Loss and Food Waste in Japan’
Japan discards approximately eighteen million tons of food annually, an amount that accounts for 40% of national food production. In recent years, a number of measures have been adopted at the institutional level to tackle this issue, showing increasing commitment of the government and other organizations. The greatest achievements have been observed in the treatment of food waste as a renewable resource, mainly through its conversion into animal feed. A number of new initiatives have also been launched to promote a systematic approach in the distribution and consumption sectors in order to fight consumer behavior and commercial practices that are still generating an elevated amount of food loss and waste. Along with the aim of environmental sustainability, these initiatives are also attempting to tackle food waste recycling and food loss prevention.