Call for papers: Waste in Asia International Conference

International Conference, 9–11 June 2016, Leiden University (the Netherlands)

We invite proposals for papers exploring the theme of ‘Waste in Asia’ from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences, regarding both the present day and the past. Possible topics might include (but need not be limited to) waste collection and recycling, food waste and its prevention, packaging, dustbins, and other forms of material culture related to waste, garbage art, digital waste and waste-related literature. We particularly welcome papers that focus on social, political and cultural contexts influencing attitudes, practices and policies related to waste across Asia, as well as their social, political and cultural consequences.

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  1. I am intrigued by the subject of your conference to be in leiden 2016 on Waste in Asia.
    At the same time however I am wondering why you should not look at the classic use of the term ‘the waste’ to land, water and other natural resources? I ask this question because the term ‘the waste’ perhaps has been the most significant perception for resrouces which are not used or seem not to be used. Whereas you are taking a much narrower view to what is discarded or seems to be discarded after use. Which means you are limited to non-renewable resources!!! Am I right?
    I can take you back in history to that of northern India or to Babylon for example back to a period when land used by pastoral people looked like ‘waste’. Yet within this definition there lay time period definition of the waste for example the system of fallowing in in which you had short fallow and long fallow.
    I hope you will give attention to this aspect as the histories of colonised people have immense experience of how the waste was perceived and differed according to what the natural environment was like.
    Thanks for organising such a meaningful conference best of luck
    Minoti Chakravarty Kaul (Professor and formerly in the department of Economics in Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi New Delhi, India and former Ciriacy Wanterup Fellow in U of Berkeley California and also Fellow in the Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana USA.