Ljiljana Rodic

Ljiljana RodicDr. Ljiljana Rodic is a civil engineer with academic background in risk analysis. She has over 25 years of international experience in scientific research, academic education and capacity development on the topics related to urban environmental management and sustainable use of resources.

In her work with students and colleagues Ljiljana has explored various issues related to urban solid waste management, with particular focus on the interplay between technology and governance in diverse local realities around the world, ranging from e.g. Jamaica and Guatemala, to Italy and the Netherlands, to Kenya and Zimbabwe, to China and Bangladesh.

Ljiljana has worked for UNEP and UN-HABITAT, including the 2015 “Global Waste Management Outlook” and 2017 advisory work on definitions and methodology for monitoring of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 related to services in urban settlements. She is an expert evaluator of research proposals to the European Commission and DANIDA.

As a passionate learner and teacher with keen interest and affinity for interdisciplinarity, Ljiljana has also initiated and developed interdisciplinary university courses and research seeking to integrate sustainability considerations into analyses of urban metabolism and the design of products and services.

With co-authors Ljiljana has received various prizes for her publications from the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and the UK Institution of Civil Engineers. Ljiljana has also received various prizes for her work in education, including those from her students for the Teacher of the Year.

Never hesitating to literally roll up her sleeves, Ljiljana has organised and carried out a practical action on waste prevention with her students, cooking a meal for over 500 people from vegetables that would have otherwise ended up as waste.

Besides her work Ljiljana enjoys long distance walks (over 100 km) and ethnic textile handicrafts.
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